Our goal is to create a balance between functionality and style. That is why we are a leading turn-key solution provider in the industry. From your powder room to office building, we cover it all. We have worked on residential homes, government offices, retail outlets, luxury hotels, law firms and financial institutions.

Mercian III Nig. Limited provides complete interior design and system solutions that covers commercial and residential interiors.

The company has been involved in the building industry in Nigeria for the past 26 years and has worked with the major Architectural Firms and Construction companies in Nigeria over these period.

Mercian 3 Interiors has evolved from a small interior firm handling carpets, blinds and contract furnishing to a major supplier of ceiling systems, acoustic solution for cinemas, theatres and auditoriums, partitioning, doors, wet cubicles, light fittings, wardrobes and fitted kitchens.

The Company rebranded from Mercian III Nig. Limited to Mercian 3 Interiors in the year 2020.

At Mercian 3 Interiors, we do Total interior fit-out that covers design, procurement and implementation for offices, residential buildings and other commercial spaces.